Hello there!
My name is Adele, you can call me teacher Adele. ^^
Are you having trouble learning English as a Second Language? Do you encounter difficulty in pronouncing English words? or You're having a hard time comprehending and constructing your thoughts in English?
Let me tell you one thing, I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH! I've been teaching foreign students for almost 3 years already and you have the same concern.
I will not brag that I am a good teacher but I will make it sure that you will learn and enjoy at the same time while you're in my class. ^^
Remember these 3 steps:
First, dial #010-8536-7812,
Second, tell them my NAME, and
Lastly, Enroll in my class.
Again, if you want to learn English while having fun, look for teacher Adele, a licensed English teacher who is very patient and passionate in teaching. SO? What are you waiting for? ENROLL NOW! See you in my class ^^